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Central Credit Audit, Inc. and its affiliated companies provide a full range of financial services, yet have a common ideal: earning and maintaining our client's trust.


CCA began in 1978 as a specialist in collecting delinquent health care bills. A reputation for service and success led to growth in other areas, including collection for banks, credit cards, commercial accounts, retail accounts and child support recovery.


Statewide Tax Recovery, Inc., a separate firm created by CCA, specializes in delinquent taxes and collections, as well as administration of all Act 511 taxes.


Healthcare Resource Group is a division of Central Credit Audit providing pre-collection and related services that can often preclude the need for bad debt collection.


From pre-collection services through recovery of bad debt receivables, it makes sense to turn a difficult task over to professionals with the experience, equipment, and motivation to do the job for you.


All three firms have flourished through successful service to our clients. We help you turn problems and paper into cash--so you can devote your time and staff to other important matters.


Our People Make The Difference


Our collectors complete two weeks of intense training at CCA, which is augmented by continuing training programs. In addition, weekly departmental meetings cover all laws and regulations pertinent to our industry. Our company stringently conforms to the requirements of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Other meetings are held weekly to address personal and individual needs.


Only five percent of collectors, nationwide, are certified by the American Collectors Association (ACA), an international trade association. To become certified, a collector must have a minimum of one year's employment in the collection industry, complete a comprehensive education program, and pass a written examination. We require all Central Credit Audit collectors to become certified through the ACA.


Our management staff and client service representatives make it a point to keep you informed, through personal contact and a series of detailed, yet easy-to-understand production reports. Special software enables us to generate custom reports that can provide management information vital to your business. Internally, these reports help us maintain peak performance. Good communication also helps us identify and pursue potential problems before they become serious.


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